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Ballistic Comparison Tool
Compare external performance of up to 8 cartridges or loads...


Where possible, this program calculates an average employed bullet weight, muzzle velocity and energy for the specified cartridges, using all available load data (data points). You may also choose specific loads to compare against. Results are displayed for comparison purposes in summary and graph form. [More Info]

Ballistic Comparison Summary Results
 #  Name  Muzzle 
 (Avg. f.p.s.) 
 (Avg. ft-lbs.) 
 (Avg. gr.) 
 (Avg. grs. H2O) 
 1.   .50 Browning Machine Gun  2798 11891 684 86 289.4
 2.   .510 DTC EUROP  2980 12764 647 1 295.2
 3.   .416 Barrett  3103 8810 412 9 237.2
 4.   .50 McMillan Bros. (Fat Mac)  3400 19261 750 1 406.9

Average Muzzle Velocity Comparison
   .50 BMG   
   .510 DTC   
   .416 Barrett   
   .50 Fat Mac   

Average Muzzle Energy Comparison
   .50 BMG   
   .510 DTC   
   .416 Barrett   
   .50 Fat Mac   

Average Employed Bullet Weight Comparison
   .50 BMG   
   .510 DTC   
   .416 Barrett   
   .50 Fat Mac   

Case Capacity Comparison
   .50 BMG   
   .510 DTC   
   .416 Barrett   
   .50 Fat Mac   

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CHOOSE A SPECIFIC LOAD for a cartridge:

Your selections:
.50 Browning Machine Gun     
.510 DTC EUROP     
.416 Barrett     
.50 McMillan Bros. (Fat Mac)     

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