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There are no loads available yet for the
.476 Accurate Reloading

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NOTE: The below shoulder angle is an estimate based on the provided shoulder geometry.
Standard American S.A.E. (in.)
Metric Metric (mm.)

Bullet Diameter:
.475 in.
Max Overall Length:
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Rifling Twist:
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Rifling Lands:
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Case Capacity (est):
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Primer Size:
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Bullet Weight:
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Muzzle Velocity:
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Muzzle Energy:
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.476 Accurate Reloading at AmmoGuide.com 
.476 Accurate Reloading at AmmoGuide.com
"Easy Link" to this cartridge (copy and paste into emails, forums, etc.):
.476 Accurate Reloading - http://ammoguide.com/?catid=935

Invented by Jeff 'jeffeosso' Smith of http://accuratereloading.com/ - the .476 Accurate Reloading pays homage to the 470 Mbogo, http://www.470mbogo.com/ though in a standard length action. This concept was originally named the Trollbane, from October of... --Join FREE for more--
(Thanks to Jeffeosso for submitting this cartridge.)

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