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6.5 Prometheus

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Standard American S.A.E. (in.)
Metric Metric (mm.)

Bullet Diameter:
.264 in.
Rifling Twist:
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Rifling Lands:
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Case Capacity (est):
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Primer Size:
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Bullet Weight:
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Muzzle Velocity:
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Muzzle Energy:
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6.5 Prometheus at AmmoGuide.com 
6.5 Prometheus at AmmoGuide.com
"Easy Link" to this cartridge (copy and paste into emails, forums, etc.):
6.5 Prometheus - http://ammoguide.com/?catid=858

The original case dimensions were created in May 2011 for the "7.62 PRO" then re-designed and necked down to 6.5mm in February, 2012 by Pro Martusheff specifically for the Sako TRGS M995 action. The idea evolved in the spring of 2011 and became reality wh... --Join FREE for more--
(Thanks to Pro Martusheff for submitting this cartridge.)

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