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Mike's Monthly Monologue About Shooting
Volume 2, Issue 1 - January 1, 2013  -  Other Issues  -  Articles/Downloads

by Mike Price
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Memories are sometimes very comforting and also inspiring. I take pictures of my hunts and adventures to remind me of all the good times I have experienced in the field. Not every hunt fills a tag and some hunts are very arduous and challenging, but all of my hunts through the years when put together in a collage of memories, preserved in pictures, flood my heart with joy.

Slipping through canyons and up ridges glassing and stalking game is by far my favorite way to hunt. I love waiting in the dark timber to ambush an elk. Once I was ready to start my move up a ridge when the early morning moon-light revealed a cougar watching my every move. The hair on my neck stood up as our eyes met and the cat immediately took off in a full sprint and didn't make a sound, not even the breaking of a twig. I love the pine thickets and watching the trails leading in and out as I sit in my blind hoping that a big buck or bobcat will step out.

There are the swamps and the wild boar that root up the ground leaving their calling cards and the dry desert mountains where javelina and coyote appear and disappear. I love the sun rising in the morning and seeing frost on my clothes as I sit in a tree stand waiting for a white tail buck, that grey ghost of the woods, slipping cautiously out of the thicket into an opening along the edge of a field. I love shadows moving down the mountains as the sun rises and watching a big black bear as he keeps himself in the shade. It is exciting to slip down a canyon with the breeze in your face on a cold morning, then looking up and seeing a black bear pause as he stands on a big rock looking over the canyon, not knowing you are there.

I love the snow lightly hitting me in the face and blanketing the ground turning everything into a white wonderland. Nothing like that mule deer coming up out of a depression into the open or walking on a ridge above you as he works through fallen ponderosa's to lay up for the day. It is awesome to look across a canyon at the blue gray body of a couse buck and doe slipping through the juniper along a narrow ridge some 400 yards away, with only a glimpse of them from time to time, no chance of taking a shot. Then there is the excitement of a charge when there is nothing to do but aim and shoot. No time to do anything but react to the moment. After it's all over, you are exhausted, rung out and weak from the adrenalin rush, lucky you were not stomped, gored, or eaten.

It is fun to use a rifle and cartridge that you have a lot of confidence in, but as much fun as guns are there is nothing like the hunt. It is awesome to see clouds and fog roll along a canyon as you sit high above them listening to the birds, and watch the rock squirrels hide from the fox and then look up and see a doe staring at you. One can be so lucky as to wander around in the wilderness, hunting and camping, always looking around the next bend, over the next ridge and through the woods.

Outdoors there is always something new to see, experience and enjoy. I like walking along the Boli creek and slipping through the tall pines of South Mississippi. Hunting turkey on the islands long the Mississippi river where Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi meet is exhilarating. There is nothing like wading in knee deep water in the swamps of Louisiana as you work your way to your deer stand. There is the cool crisp air as you slip through the hardwood forests of middle Tennessee. The beauty of the open expanses of cornfields covered with a white blanket of snow, broken only by the tree lines of Southern Illinois and Indiana. The beautiful hills of Vicksburg, Mississippi and the low wet lands of Wallace lake in Northwest Louisiana refresh the senses. The scary shadows of the D'Arbonne swamp bewildered me as I wandered around lost for a whole day. The hardwoods and caves of Kentucky have a lure all their own. The rain soaked four hour ride at 50 degrees in a swamp buggy to an island in the everglades of Florida to hunt deer is quite a memory. I remember being exhausted from climbing the mountains some 30 miles east of Rifle Colorado in search of elk and mule deer. I recall the cold wind blowing against my face as I moved down a canyon in Arizona in search of black bear, anticipating that I might see him around every turn. All are reflections of wonderful places and special people, with so much beauty and adventure. I have truly been blessed by God, reflections from the field, and good memories in life. I hope to make many more memories like these before I leave this world. I hope this year you make some memories that will become for you REFLECTIONS FROM THE FIELD.

Mike Price is a lifelong shooter, hunter and reloading enthusiast. He has been published at AmmoGuide.com, Guns & Ammo and Nosler. His article "Green Boxes", available at AmmoGuide.com, is posted in the bullet production area at Sierra. Mike has traveled to Africa, Europe, Asia, parts of Central America. His favorite two hobbies are spending time with grand children and taking them hunting. Mike holds a Ph.D in Philosophy and Psychology, is a licensed clinical therapist, adjunct professor and Minister in the Church of Christ. To read more by Mike, CLICK HERE.

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