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How does AmmoGuide 'Cartridge Identification' work?

If you have a "mystery round", see if the AmmoGuide Cartridge Identification and Search Tool can identify it for you. Mike Haas, AmmoGuide creator relates this story...

"When I finished the programming for this tool, I ran it through a series of 'test' searches to make sure the tool output the correct results.
.308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO and 7.5mm French MAS
When it passed all those tests, I had a final one that, if successful, would answer a question that had bugged me for awhile.

Sometime earlier, an odd military case in a bunch of range brass caught my eye. At first, I thought it was a common 7.62mm NATO case but as I looked at it closer, something just didn't look right. Sure enough, when I put it against a real .308/7.62, it wasn't right at all. I showed it to several friends, who didn't recognize it. I had my own "mystery cartridge!"

So, as my final test, I grabbed my enigma round, measured all of the applicable dimensions (as accurately as I could with a caliper), chose some reasonable tolerances (about .004", I think), and entered it all into the tool. I confess, I held my breath as I pressed "Search"... and in a short time the Search Results appeared, listing only 1 cartridge... the 7.5mm French MAS! IT WORKED!

Looking at the diagram above (generated by the 'AmmoGuide Visual Comparison Tool'), it's easy to see why anyone might confuse the two rounds in a fast glance. But the AmmoGuide Cartridge Identification and Search Tool could tell the difference, picking it out from over 900 rounds on the website! Do you know of any paper reloading manual (or even any other website) that can do that?