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Mike's Monthly Monologue About Shooting
Volume 1, Issue 4 - September 1, 2012  -  Other Issues  -  Articles/Downloads

by Mike Price
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Some things just fit together so well that they are almost the perfect hunting rifle and cartridge. Their very nature and design embody the quintessential performance of the 7mm08 Remington and the Nosler Custom M48 TGR in one package, making the perfect pair for the field. Truly, a well thought-out rifle married to an outstanding cartridge having the ballistics of the famous 7x57 Mauser (a true classic in its own right).

The 308 Winchester and the 7mm08 Remington are very versatile, accurate rounds and

are ideal for 95% of hunting experienced in North America. The .308 Winchester is a great cartridge and in many ways the 7mm08 Remington is likewise a great cartridge, but having a few special qualities of its own. The 7mm-08 Remington, is a necked-down version of the .308 Winchester. With the exception of neck diameter, the 7mm-08 Remington has basically the same dimensions as the .308 Winchester. The 7mm-08 has some of the same advantages of the .308, such as inherent accuracy, long barrel life and excellent terminal performance. It also has the additional advantage of less recoil and a large range of available bullets with great BC values. I personally prefer the 7mm-08 Remington over the .308 Winchester.

With the addition of the wonderfully thought-out qualities of the Nosler M48 TGR Custom rifle, one has the quintessential pair - hunting perfection. The M48 is so well balanced, and the fit and finish is outstanding. What was most amazing was the consistent quarter inch accuracy I was able to obtain with the M48 rifle in 7mm-08 Remington. I attribute this accuracy to three major elements - the rifle, the cartridge and the components (Nosler Custom brass and the 140 grain Accubond, 140 grain Sierra HPBT, 210 Federal primers, and the best powders to date are W760 and RL-17).

I believe the M48 TGR with a hand lapped Pack Nor barrel and Nosler's M48 action, bedded and free floated in a special Bell & Carlson Medalist stock, and the Basix trigger is and outstanding setup. Weighing only 7.7 pounds including mounts rings and a Leupold FX 6x36mm or Weaver Fixed 6x36mm scope, makes it easy to carry in the mountains. The M48 TGR is built for hunting in wet weather. All the exterior metal surfaces are protected with a special application of CERAKOTE™, while the critical interior working parts are protected with a smooth, corrosion-resistant coating of Micro Slick™. I have owned custom rifles in the past, but I like the M48 better than any I have had the privilege of owning.

Add the qualities that make the 7mm-08 Remington a very popular and effective

deer-hunting cartridge with the advantages of the M48 TGR and you have come close to hunting perfection. The combination of knockdown power, excellent ballistics, and reduced recoil, makes the 7mm08 Remington packaged in an M48 rifle a first-class accurate combination - able to knock down a lot of small to medium size game out to 500yds. The 7mm08 has the power to bring down heavier big game out to 300yds with good bullet choices to accomplish the above mention tasks.

The hunter can find quality 7mm bullets for any purpose. In 7mm

caliber one can find bullets for varmint hunting, small to medium game, and larger game like elk and moose. Also, there are bullets for the silhouette and long-range shooter. Hunters have bullets in the 130-140 grain class, such as the Hornady 139 grain Spire Point or the 139 grain Interbond. Other bullets include the Nosler 140 grain Partition, 140 grain Accubond, Sierra 140grain SBT, Sierra 140grain HPBT and the Barnes 140gr Tipped TSX, not to mention Swift, Speer, Woodleigh, Remington and other bullet manufactures. There are also 150 and 160 grain bullets for specific hunting tasks. The 7mm-08 Remington can comfortably launch 130-140gr bullets from 2850-2950fps with a 22 or 24 inch barrel.

What a wonderful combination for placing the bullet right where you intended it to go. Yes, the 7mm08 cartridge married with the Nosler M48 TGR, is possibly "THE QUINTESSENTIAL PAIR - HUNTING PREFECTION".

Mike Price is a lifelong shooter, hunter and reloading enthusiast. He has been published at AmmoGuide.com, Guns & Ammo and Nosler. His article "Green Boxes", available at AmmoGuide.com, is posted in the bullet production area at Sierra. Mike has traveled to Africa, Europe, Asia, parts of Central America. His favorite two hobbies are spending time with grand children and taking them hunting. Mike holds a Ph.D in Philosophy and Psychology, is a licensed clinical therapist, adjunct professor and Minister in the Church of Christ. To read more by Mike, CLICK HERE.

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